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Can I recursivley DFS a Binary Search Tree? Yes.
Can I vertically center a div? Maybe. Probably. What's the deadline again?
I Laravel
namespace App\Http\Controllers;

use App\Models\Todo;
use App\Http\Requests\StatelessStoreRequest;

class TodoController extends Controller {

    public function store(StatelessStoreRequest $request){
        return tap(Todo::create($request->safe()->all()), fn($todo) => response()->json($todo));
abstract class StatelessRequest extends FormRequest {
     * The Problem with:
     * @see \Illuminate\Foundation\Http\FormRequest
     * throw (new ValidationException($validator))
     *              ->errorBag($this->errorBag)
     *               ->redirectTo($this->getRedirectUrl());
     * I mean, its called an "HttpFormRequest" object, so it's probably not fair to call it a "mistake"
     * But either way, the hardcoded redirect method is assuming client state, and we don't do that here.   
     * @param Validator $validator
     * @return array
    protected function failedValidation(Validator $validator)
        throw new HttpResponseException(response()->json(['errors' => $validator->errors()], 422));

    abstract public function rules();


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export abstract class PHPDockerImageSource {
  * Uses a local image built from a Dockerfile in a local directory as the source.
  * @param path - path to the directory containing your Dockerfile (not a path to a file)
  public static directory(path: string): PHPDockerImageSource {
    return new PHPDockerAssetDirectorySource(path);

  * Bind grants the CodeBuild role permissions to pull from a repository if necessary.
  * Bind should be invoked by the caller to get the SourceConfig.
  public abstract bind(scope: Construct, context: PHPDockerImageSourceContext): PHPDockerImageSourceConfig;

import * as cdk from 'aws-cdk-lib';

export class MyDockerImageDeployment extends cdk.Stack {

    constructor(scope: Construct, id: string, props?: cdk.StackProps) {
      super(scope, id, props);
      const repository = new ecr.Repository(this, "phpbuilder", {
        repositoryName: "phpbuilder"
      const source = phpbuilder.PHPDockerImageSource.directory(path.join(process.cwd()));
      const destination = phpbuilder.PHPDockerImageDestination.ecr(repository, {tag: 'latest'});
      const image = new phpbuilder.PHPDockerImageBuilder(this, 'PHPBuilderStack', {

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Do You Even Leetcode, Though?

I mean, it's not exactly my absolute favorite weekend activity, but if you asked me the time/space complexity of inserting into a linked list vs. a binary tree, or asked me to solve a leetcode'y style problem.. Yeah, there's a reasonably good chance I could do it.Hired.com gave me 10 weeks of profile promotion on their platform starting May 29th, 2023, so I have put the most of my leetcode'y time into their assessments as of today.
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If you use the platform you should be able to find me easily. My link is: https://hired.com/x/715bf1f776370b039b78484e5b440846Feel free to email me a random leetcode problem with no explanation and no context. If you do, there's a very high chance I will get back to you with a solution within a day. That seems more fun. Or we could always whiteboard one together, either one.I love problem solving, and I respect the knowledge, but if I get a choice, I'm going to solve problems by building real things at this point in my career.